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eye capital

The Fintech that brings foundational Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence strategies to the financial ecosystem

EYE CAPITAL brings new insights and excellence in high performance Algorithmic Trading
applying the most sophisticated strategies based on Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language
Processing and Blockchain for portfolio management.


Invest in our Artificial Intelligence Technology

BraiNY001 ETN - ISIN: XS1758500661

"Artificial Intelligence for the selection of stocks and portfolio optimization. The strategy applies Deep Learning, Bayesian Statistics and Natural Language Processing for the interpretation of financial news in an automatic way and in real time."

Strategy: Our algorithm tracks more than 7000 instruments that are listed in the New York markets, specifically in NYSE and NASDAQ. Taking into consideration hundreds of technical and fundamental indicators as well as the automatic interpretation of news in real time, a complex algorithm applying Artificial Intelligence makes predictions and takes decisions of buying and selling automatically rebalancing the portfolio periodically.



Fintech Consulting

DMA Technology

We develop Direct Market Access Technology for Financial Institutions Investors and Markets:

- FIX Protocol platforms.
- Web Service platforms.

Algorithmic Trading

We code complex strategies and we perform high level research on:

- Low Latency Algorithms.
- High Frequency Trading.
- Risk Management.
- Artificial Intelligence for Finance.

Operative Systems:
OpenBSD | FreeBSD | GNU/Linux

Programming Languages:
C/C++ | R | Python | Ruby | Erlang

Infrastructure & Networking:
High Performance Computing | Big Data | Cyber Security

Blockchain Technology

We develop and research technology based on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for Finance and Banking.

Investment Strategies and Automated Trading Algorithms to create crypto-currency portfolios.

Blockchain Technology to offer alternative means for banking services such as transfers, payment and cybersecurity.

Ethereum to create intelligent contracts. 







Our team is built upon a scientific signature of brilliant minds sharing their expertise in a
collaborative environment.


Our philosophy and code of ethics is synonym of a transparent market for everyone. As a community, we embrace the highest standards to improve our business and your profits far beyond.


Our passion for innovative technology based on Artificial Intelligence is the core that makes us forefront trustworthy problem solvers in the financial arena.


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